I just finished eating Day 3’s breakfast – two scrambled eggs and a simple tomato-herb salad.

We’ll see how I do by the end of the month, but I may need to reset starting today.  In spite of my efforts to not go out to eat during the month of June, I ended up eating at a seafood restaurant in Pass Christian last night called Shaggy’s.  I wasn’t buying, so it was hard to protest.

I did pretty well by ordering the blackened amberjack, and I could have been nearly Whole30-compliant had I put in a little bit more effort.  I almost asked to eliminate the lemon-cream sauce and to substitute more veggies for the mashed potatoes (which were loaded with cheese and who knows what else), but the motivation was low.  I still hate being pigeonholed as a dieter, and I didn’t want to be “THAT person” asking the server a million questions.

Lunch will be smoked salmon, avocado, and cashew poblano crema as a dressing of sorts. I’ll bring olives along as a snack.

I plan to make a Thai shrimp curry for dinner.  Hoping for a successful day free of the temptation to stray from the Whole30 path.

Update, 7 PM

I left work around 4 PM, and I was SUPER hungry.  I snacked on a few grapes at Whole Foods (yay free samples!).  When I came home, I made a small smoothie with a few frozen strawberries, about 1/3 of a mango, and two frozen cubes of coconut milk.

I wanted to make my curry tonight, but I figured I should eat something to avoid getting hangry.  I ate a bratwurst (The Origina Brat Hans Sheboygan style brats) with some sauerkraut (Cortland Valley Organics).  I found both of these at Whole Foods–semi-luxury items that I probably shouldn’t purchase regularly, but they’re good in a pinch as I’m getting back into my cooking routine!

Next up!
I found some local, free range pork NECKBONES at my local Rouses!  They are from Chappapeela Farms, a local farm in Amite, LA.  I can’t wait to figure out what to do with these.  Especially since they were $1.79 a pound!  Woo!  I am all about eating weird meat if it is locally sourced, as long as I can make it taste delicious.